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To Make Sure The Toys You Buy Are Safe

Every time I hear that remember another toy, I think to myself – you must be kidding! How are these dangerous toys even delivered to the shelves of our curious children in the first place? Did the manufacturers realize that they were potentially harmful? Are there no quality control measures to ensure this?

I know a lovely woman who is the mother of three little girls. When I was going with him one day, I saw pictures of a little boy on the walls and asked who it was. He told me that it was his son who died at the age of three when a toy was stuck in his throat.

It is difficult to watch our children every minute, but we can make every effort to remove all the toys that may harm those they play every day. Your children may also receive toys, which are presented for birthdays and holidays for family members and friends. How can you ensure that the toys in your home are safe for your children?

Consumer Product Safety Commission homepage, where you can see if a particular toy has been missed. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed so that you can see the latest recall. If you know of an incident related to a toy injuring a child, you can also report on this great site to help others.

Teaching your children the proper way to play with their toys will also educate them so that they can play safely. It is not enough to just tell them not to point a toy dart gun at another child. In other ways, it is also important to think that toys can be harmful to them.