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High paying truck jobs

In a recent survey, truck drivers found that a major factor in choosing a company to work for was a high salary. Even weekly home payments are not the best reason for truck drivers to choose a particular company. By reading this article you can get the best information about best paying trucking businesses.

High paying truck jobs

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Air Liquide is a gas company offering skilled drivers an average of $ 50,000 to $ 70,000 per year. Because gas transportation is so dangerous, they offer safety incentives and company training in addition to quarterly and annual revenue-sharing bonuses.

Dot Foods is a private grocery store. While there are some areas where truck drivers are employed, those who qualify can expect an average of $ 900 per week and $ 0.37-0.41 per minute for the first year, plus bonuses and actual mileage. Residence, election, and prison.

Tyson Foods offers truckers prices ranging from $ 0.39 to $ 42 per minute in addition to an annual safety bonus. If you have traveled under 500 miles, Tyson pays an additional 0.03 CPM, and for individual trips under 250 miles, they pay 0.06 CPM.

Also, Tyson offers paid vacations, judging allowances, pick-up and drop-off allowances, housing allowances, return allowances, loss, and short-term disability benefits.

Boise is a private airline looking for truck drivers to transport their paper products. Boise is good porters because they have a lot of cargo. They offer $ 0.86- $ 0.93 per mile and $ 0.74 per empty mile. Boise is offering $ 50 for each additional stop, as well as a referral bonus.